Reinvigorated High End Furniture

We are committed in redeeming quality furniture that is worth rejuvenating 

Each item is hand selected for its unique qualities that have been identified and brought back to life so you can experience its excellence.


Jessica Siffring, Founder

Jessica Siffring is the founder of Freshly Functional. She brings a creative inspiration for each piece as she has been a practicing artist in pastels, photography, and furniture work. She brings together her classical artist roots to each piece of furniture making them uniquely one of a kind. Never are two alike after it’s been redesigned by the touch of Freshly Functional.

The Revitalization Story

Freshly Functional was created out of the desire of finding items that have real value and invigorating them into joyous pieces. The heart of Jessica’s purpose at Freshly Functional is to discover and revitalize pieces so they can be valued once again. Jessica has a lifelong background in creative art from graphic design to classical painting. She has brought together her unique ability in woodworking and creativity to each piece of furniture. Every item she finds is a new journey to discover what potential it has and how to bring it forth. Therefore, every item is one of a kind. 

Revitalization of quality furniture is more than just furniture. When you own a piece of furniture from Freshly Functional, you are owning a story of its past and continuing that legacy. The character of the item carries the whispers of the past, bringing you a unique story to your home. With Freshly Functional, you will always get one of a kind stately furniture that makes an elegant statement. 


Here at Freshly Functional it is important for the use of sustainable practices.  We wanted a business that valued resources and our environment. Each piece is hand selected and found for its originality and quality. Then, it is reimagined for the next generations. Instead of buying items recently manufactured causing a toll on the environment, you can now possess a true one-of-a-kind item that is timeless.